ARM Development Board

Mini ARM board is easy-to-use controller board designed for Training and rapid prototyping. The ARM-7 TDMI processor and its accompanying features make it great starting point for your ARM project. Plenty of source code helps you to get your program up and running quickly.

Rs. 4500 /-
  • Processor used: LPC2138.
  • Crystal Frequency: 14.7456 MHz
  • 512 bytes on chip flash in system programmable memory , 58 Kbytes SRAM
  • Relay and LEDs
  • 2 UARTs available as RS232 ports(3 wires)
  • 16 pin connector for text LCD module
  • Port pins brought out on a connector.
  • ISP Programming Interface
  • Interfacing to real world devices
  • Implementation of communication protocols
  • Developing our own application out of onboard component.
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • Serial (RS232) Cable
  • User Manual
  • Sample Codes CD
  • Datasheets